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Need a little help with grabbing an item out of reach? This long grabber by Helping Hand allows just that! After use it can easily be folded in half and stored. The grabber has the ability to lift up to 16 oz.


The long grabber is just as lightweight (10 oz) as the short grabber and can be easily carried as well as stored. Cool features on the grabber include an LED flashlight that can be used in a dark room or outside at night, and wide bands around the claws for better gripping capability. The grabber can also stand on it's own unlike other grabbers on the market.


Helping Hand- Long Grabber

Only 5 left in stock
    • Grabber Length: 28"
    • Claw Dimensions Closed: 3-5/8" x 4-3/4"
    • Claws Opens to 6" 
    • Weight: 10 oz 
    • Longer Handle to Allow No Bending
    • May be Easily Folded and Stored
    • Wide Bands on Claw for 
    • LED Flashlight


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