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Our Story

The story of our company begins with our sister company (called Doo Doo Baggie Club) attending as a vendor at a weekend pet expo in New Jersey. It was at this expo where we had a chance meeting with a wonderful couple who were inquiring about our unique dog pooper scooper. The wife, who was in a wheelchair, began quietly experimenting with a scooper picking up things. After doing this for a while she began weeping.


It was at this point we, working in the vendor booth, asked her if she was ok..which she was. In fact, she was weeping with joy! "I don't think you understand," she explained, "this is life changing for me!" Immediately, we were confused while we were honestly thinking "Wow! A life changed because of a pooper scooper?"  She continued, "I won't use this to scoop poop. I'll use this to pick up things!!" 

As we stood there continuing to watch her gleefully pick up item after item her husband explained further, "There is nothing else like this device in the grabber industry. Believe us. We've tried a lot of them." "Nothing?" we asked.  "Yes," he answered, "You guys have a market in this device that you don't even realize." He went on to mention an expo that specializes in showcasing companies who sell product to individuals with disabilities and that we need to strongly consider attending one. "You'd sell out of your product in one expo. No doubt about it!"

After the couple paid for a  scooper and left our booth, we stared at each other dumbfoundedly and began to wonder if a new company had been birthed that wasn't even on our radar prior to the start of the day.  Could this be couple be right? Is there a demographic we were completely missing that could greatly benefit from our product?  We decided to take the couple at their word and attend one of these expos for people with disabilities. We modified our scooper in order to better showcase it's grabbing abilities and branded it with the company Helping Hand. Well, after three whirlwind days at the expo, wouldn't you know it? They were right! By Day 3 we were completely out of product. A new company had been born.

Our vision at Helping Hand is to provide unique products at competitive prices and doing so with customer service that creates raving fans. Whether it's needing a better solution to an everyday problem or desiring an alternative to improve ones health we believe everyone could use a Helping Hand.

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